Alyssa Mayhem Claar

Alyssa Mayhem Claar

Creative Marketing & Design

Speaker, Disney expert, artist and creator, Mayhem is no stranger to the world of entertainment. Known in industry circles for her work with Mice Chat, Grand Circle Tour Podcast, and her ever-changing hair, Mayhem continues to pursue the quest of changing the world through storytelling.

Danger and Mayhem are saving the world through imagination, creativity and wonder.

It's a bold statement, no doubt about it. But we feel that the human race is headed for dark times and is in need of some new ways of thinking. Our kids are spending too much time texting and not enough time creating. Our schools are cutting out creativity and replacing it with conformity. Society rewards those that fit into the "system" and all but casts out those that don't. We want to change all of that.

We're here to find a better way.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to provide and encourage the growth of dreamers and their creations through creative, story-driven marketing, technology, art, and classic storytelling while preserving and sharing the knowledge and experiences of veteran creators for future generations to come.
Jeremy Danger Dean

Jeremy Danger Dean

Creative Engineer & Design

With a 20 year background in software engineering and a passion for art and storytelling, Danger brings the world of technology to the team. Whether it's web development, video production or programming microcontrollers, Danger can usually be found behind a desk as he continues to pursue the quest of changing the world through storytelling.